Holy Grass Vodka

Holy Grass Vodka


Hand-crafted in the far North of Scotland, Holy Grass Vodka, is the latest release from our multi-award winning Dunnet Bay Distillery in Caithness. It features the unusual botanical Holy Grass (or Anthoxanthum nitens), once discovered on the banks of the nearby Thurso River by Robert Dick.


Holy Grass, so-called as it was once used to bring a sweet, vanilla smell to church floors, brings a wonderful and distinct herbaceous flavour to the vodka. A celebration of local produce and ingredients, the spirit is also infused with a carefully crafted vapour of Highland apples and apple juice, to complement the sweetness of the Holy Grass. The result is a delicate and fresh vodka with a creamy smooth finish.


Holy Grass Vodka is a tribute to Robert Dick who lived in Thurso in the 1800s. The bottle features a kelpie on the front that legend has it lives on Thurso river and drowned a young crofter. On the back there are numerous small blue butterflies. These are to highlight the work we do with the Caithness Biodiversity Group in protecting the small blue butterfly. The most northerly colony of the small blue butterfly is found at the Dunnet links. Not far from the distillery!


The vodka has a faint sweetness and very creamy mouthfeel. There is a nice tingle from the light cinnamon with notes of green tea, vanilla and grass. 

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