Porter's Gin

Porter's Gin


Ingenious and delightful, Porter’s Gin is the first gin made in Aberdeen in more than a century!


Named for the professor who first sourced a rotary evaporator for three of Aberdeen’s most enterprising and gin loving sons, Porter’s Gin is the product of years of hard work, research and love! Porter’s Gin is made using an innovative combination of traditional modern distillation techniques.


Juniper is at the heart of this gin, supported by a variety of wonderful citrus flavours: sherbert lemon, gentle orange and Chinese Buddha’s Hand. Grounded by a subtle pink pepper spice and slight nutmeg earthiness, Porter’s is a fabulous, modern classic gin.


Bright, fresh, fragrant citrus notes jump out immediately from a bold juniper foundation. Strong, bold juniper slightly mellowed by an exceptionally smooth mid-palate. Complex, yet clear and fresh, with small hints of spice in the background. Almost sweet, refreshing bouquet of citrus bursts out, but doesn’t linger too long. Porter's Gin is very clean and smooth on the finish even after the burst of flavour.

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